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Inspired visions of holy men, mystics, saints and leaders in religious education and knowledge, socio-economic and the culture of every country truly reflects the aspirations of its people.
From these visions are born the reality of everything recognized to be good in their way of life. Everything that is bad is the outward result of individual and collective negativity or evil thinking and beliefs.

Some things to remember...


Regarding it as the supreme duty of one's life, one should hear, reflect on, read and discourse on the mysterious stories of the virtue, glory and love of God. He who is ever compassionate, a friend of all, the best amongst knowers, the knower of the heart, and giving up idleness one should practise meditation and constantly chant His hallowed name. Acts of sacrifice, charity and penance should not be given up at all; they must be performed at all times. For sacrifice, charity and penance performed by wise men and women purify the heart.